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    My name is Mike Safley and my wife's name is Julie. We began raising alpacas since 1984. We have seen the market grow beyond our wildest dreams. I was involved establishing the Alpaca Registry, Inc., served as president of Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA), started Alpacas magazine, chaired the first alpaca show committee that wrote the alpaca halter class show rules, and worked creating the AOBA marketing committee. I also started the first alpaca marketing cooperative.

    I am a  certified alpaca judge who has judged alpaca shows around the world. Alpacas 4 Sale has won hundreds of ribbons and show championships with our animals. My wife Julie founded AOBA's fiber cooperative (AFCNA).

    I say this to set forth the context of what we at Alpacas 4 Sale are offering in the form of after sale support. We have helped many successful breeders establish their herds. We offer several services to our customers that we believe add value to an alpaca purchase and help them succeed in the alpaca business.

    There are two basic building blocks in our added value concept of selling alpacas: 1) after sale support, and 2) marketing support through several new programs we are developing.



    There are six specific areas that we intend to offer our clients additional help with after they acquire their alpacas. By the way, we define clients as those who have purchased alpacas from Alpacas 4 Sale. The six areas are:

        1. Animal husbandry consulting
        2. Farm setup and maintenance
        3. Breeding decisions advice
        4. Herd building advice
        5. Business planning
        6. Marketing plans

    We would like you to take a look at what a Alpacas 4 Sale client can expect from these services described below.



    This is a very simple service which we extend to our clients. We are always willing to help point a new or experienced breeder in the right direction when it comes to basic alpaca nutrition advice. We answer such questions as what hay to buy, whether to feed supplements, and what kind of salt blocks are best. If your vet or you are puzzled by a particular problem, we might have an idea about a sick animal or certain symptoms you have not seen before. We can show you how to do routine maintenance, such as trimming the nails or giving shots. We can point you to the proper parasite control programs.

    In general we are available to answer basic questions, such as:

        1. Who can I get to shear my animals?
        2. What fertilizer should I use?
        3. How many days should I wait to rebreed my female?
        4. What body temperature should my new cria have?
        5. How do I register my animals?

    We have a combined fifty years of experience raising alpacas and we are always happy to answer our clients' questions to the best of our ability. This advice would not be meant to replace or contradict that of your veterinarian. You should always seek your vet's recommendations and follow their advice.



    When you buy a pregnant female at Alpacas 4 Sale we include the next year's mating in the purchase price. This gives you a head start and the opportunity to access our impact sires. Beyond that we are happy to consult with our clients on the breeding choices they need to make in the future.

    In general we are available to answer basic questions, such as: We are very familiar with the better sires in the industry. We understand their genetic tendencies and can make recommendations. The decision as to what herdsire to use is one of the most critical choices that you make as a breeder. We also understand how to breed for color and other specific traits. We are only a phone call away when it comes time to make your herdsire selection.

    We can also offer ideas as to which mating plan best suits your herd. There are five classic livestock mating plans: 1) random mating, 2) like-to-like based on phenotype, 3) like-to-like based on pedigree, 4) unlike-to-unlike based on phenotype, and 5) unlike-to-unlike based on pedigree. For a thorough discussion of these plans read Alpacas: Synthesis of a Miracle. We understand the pluses and minuses of each of these systems and will be pleased to share our views as to which system is appropriate for you.



    Putting a herd together is an art. You need to make sound decisions about who to buy, sell, and keep. These decisions need to be made with a consistent goal in mind. The appropriate goal always revolves around the breeding program you are implementing and marketing niche you are looking to supply.

    If you want advice as to which animals to sell, when and why, and which to keep as replacement stock, we can help. If you want suggestions on the type of genetics to add to your existing herd, we have ideas. When you decide to acquire a herdsire for your herd, we can discuss your goals with our thirty years of experience breeding alpacas.



    Our Director of Marketing, Fred Kraft has developed a set of forms to guide alpaca breeders through the process of creating a business plan. He will not only provide the forms, but he also adds the measure of experience it takes to create a credible plan. We recommend you create a plan prior to purchasing your first alpacas. You can e-mail Fred at fred@alpacas-4-sale.com . You can also use the process to redirect your existing alpaca business. E-mail us today and let's get started.



    Every alpaca farm needs a marketing strategy. We offer unconventional advice based on years of successfully marketing millions of dollars worth of alpaca bloodstock. We can help design a specific marketing program for your ranch. We answer the following questions for breeders of all sizes, whether they are beginners or established farms. Our ideas will be tailored to your skills, strengths, and weaknesses:

        1. How can I develop a successful website?
        2. Should I join an advertising co-op?
        3. How can I turn leads into farm visits and farm visits into sales?
        4. How much time should I devote to marketing and where should I spend my advertising dollars?


    In short, it is our goal at Alpacas 4 Sale to see our customers succeed in the alpaca business. We will provide the insight from years of success to breeders who are willing to work hard, promote their herds, improve their stock, and, above all, take responsibility for their own individual success.



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