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John Simons , has owned Alpacas since 1984. John was past president of the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA), Alpaca Registry Inc., and was founding editor of "Alpacas" magazine. He has written several informative brochures and articles on Alpacas, both on his own and on behalf of AOBA. He has produced a video, "Alpacas, the World's Finest Livestock Investment" and an infomercial, "Alpacas, the Ultimate Investment." John created Alpaca Fest in 1992 with Don Julio Barreda as the guest of honor. John has presented Alpaca investment seminars nationally. He has dedicated much of his life and time to the Alpaca industry.

Silvana Simons has a goal to encourage Alpaca owners to start a U.S. fiber market. In 1994, she initiated the first American commercial spinning of Alpaca fiber and created "Sharing Sources," a fiber-related newsletter. Her love for children led her to organize and maintain the "Paca-Pac", a kids club for children of AOBA members. Silvana also designed and produced the "Alpacas Educational Activity and Coloring Book" on behalf of AOBA. Silvana feels specializing in Alpaca products is an excellent way to market the end product from Alpaca ownership.


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